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Workshop description:Learning to’ follow and not fix’ became the mantra for the group of foster carers as they began to work with the Focusing skills learned in a course specially designed for them. They now describe their interactions with their children in their care from a new stance, not rushing to fix but to follow the child and see what unfolds, trusting the process. In this workshop they will share the new skills, knowledge, and, in particular their understanding that it is their own quality of presence that enables them to communicate well with the children in their care.

Who this is for:Everybody working and living with children.

About the presenters:Foster parents who completed the 80 hours Children Focusing Companion Programme in 2013 and who now are Trainers- in- training with the Institute. Theresa Connolly, Noel Burke, Joanne Lowry, Sandra Dupuit, Ann Murphy, Helen Dunne will share the presentation.

Workshop description:In this workshop, Derek will first talk about the importance of ‘slowing the process down’. He will demonstrate how, when we can use ‘presence language’ we can help children first find what’s there and then allow it to unfold safely. Not only does the young person feel heard, but they find their own ‘next step’. Derek will draw on his work with children and share the processes and techniques he has developed. Focusing is at the core of the work which also includes many others skills and modalities.

Who this is for:This is for parents, grandparents, all professionals working and living with children in any capacity.

About the presenter:Derek Mc Donnell is Social Care Practitioner for the past 23 years who has worked in child and adolescent mental health and currently works in Community Social Work in the area of child protection. He works in a focusing orientated way with children and young people.



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