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Using Focusing in a family context with Harriët Teeuw

Exploring what your child is telling you about his needs and also about your own needs is the theme of this workshop.

Workshop description:Harriët Teeuw says she finds focusing with her own kids the most difficult! Harriet will demonstrate how she uses Focusing when the family gets stuck on something and how it can help to be clear about her own needs and the needs of her children. She is developing a way to work with parents, who don’t know yet about Focusing, to get things clear in a focusing way. She will use Family Constellation with symbols, getting people to work in pairs in this workshop.

Workshop description:Simon will show how a group approach to Focusing/felt sensing, based on this teacher’s model, can enable teenagers to quieten down and listen from the inside to what’s going on for them. He will show how using techniques such as meditation and paired exercises you can help teenagers discover that they can trust their inside places and speak from there. He will also talk about his experiences with a group of Children aged 4-9.

Who this is for:Parents and people working with children in any capacity.

About the presenter:Harriët Teeuw is based in the Netherlands, where she is a Focusing Trainer and Children’s Focusing Trainer and Art Therapist. She is a Coordinator in Training of The Focusing Institute. She is mother of Roos (17) and Joep (15), her greatest teachers. She has trained with Marta Stapert, one of the pioneers of Children Focusing.



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