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WRITE ON! How to make your feelings concrete with Kevin Flanagan

Workshop Description:We all get shifts and the “appearance of the new green shoot” feeling following a Focusing session but often, as Gene Gendlin observed, the new feeling is trampled on before it can really take root. Writer Kevin Flanagan will describe a simple process whereby you can “concretise” your Focusing feelings by turning them into words and create a precious record you can reflect on.

Who this is for: Everyone – part of the Caring for Yourself part of the Conference

About the presenter: Kevin Flanagan trained with Eugene Gendlin in Chicago. He wrote “Everyday Genius” a book described by Professor Gendlin as “one of the best descriptions of the Focusing process that I have ever read.”

Focusing, Mindfulness and Compassion – the same but different? with Mary Jennings

Workshop Description:In this exploration, discussion and experiential practice , Mary will share her own experience of these techniques, outline how each one can be useful, in different ways, to help us ‘live skilfully’. She will invite participants to share their own experiences and provide time for short exercises from these different – but similar – traditions.

Who this is for:Open to all. Part of Caring for Yourself section of the Conference

About the presenter: Mary is a long-time Focusing and would-be mindfulness practitioner. She applies Focusing skills in her work with clients. She was instrumental in starting Children Focusing in Ireland. She is a member of the Board of The Focusing Institute.



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