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Spirituality of Children – Helping Parents and Children Listen in a New Way with Beverly O’Grady

Beverly has developed (with Nancy Falls) a short programme for parents and children that allows them to explore spiritual and moral development in an open, respectful way and will present this approach at this workshop.

Workshop description:Beverly will first outline her approach and then invite people to participate in a short experiential exercise. She will talk about how she gives an introduction to Focusing with children with their parents present – approximately 30 families at a time. This is in the context of exploring spirituality and moral development. While the parents feel they are there to accompany their child, in reality they also are experiencing Focusing. She will talk about how parents and children learn about their own ‘felt sense’ and how, through role playing, listening, and mirroring exercises they begin to explore a sense of the sacred in everyday interactions, learning new ways to communicate with each other.

Who this is for:For parents and teachers who are interested in the spiritual and moral development of children as well as in developing open communication with children – and with themselves. About the presenter:Beverly O’Grady is from Toronto, Canada. She is a Focusing Trainer and Children Focusing Trainer. She is also a trained Spiritual Director, who offers individual spiritual direction with children using Art Therapy. She provides support to neighbourhood schools through her work at a local parish.



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