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Supporting Focusing in Parent/Baby Relationships (and with those who work with parents and babies) with Zack Boukydis

This presentation/workshop will show how focusing/listening has been integrated into three different types of supportive work with parents and babies. Workshop description:The presentation will include experiential exercises for participants, video segments and a lecture/discussion which describes each of the three types of programme outlined below and the essential principles of focusing and listening used in them:

1. Mother (father) baby workshops and classes (Listening to Myself; Listening to My Baby).

2. ‘Dyadic consultation’ – working directly with mothers (fathers, others) and babies together (Seeing and Supporting Change in Parent-Baby Relationships)

3. Training health, and mental health care professionals to listen to, and support parents and babies (Close Collaboration with Parents and Babies).

Who this is for:Of interest to children’s focusing teachers, focusing-oriented practitioners and parents. It is hoped that individual follow through will be possible during the conference to provide more understanding and resources for participants with their own particular interest or professional responsibility.

About the presenter:Zack Boukydis Ph.D., Focusing Coordinator has 40 years’ experience teaching focusing in community programmes and training focusing-oriented therapists and practitioners. He does workshops and training for children’s focusing teachers who are developing courses for parents and babies and trains health and mental health professionals to learn focusing while integrating listening and focusing into their work with parents and babies. He is a Fullbright Fellow and Visiting Professor Departments of Paediatrics, Semmelweis Medical School, Budapest, Hungary and University of Turku, Finland and at the Institute of Psychology, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest.



- Welcome
- Session 1
- Session 2
- Session 3
- Session 4
- Session 5
- Session 6
- Session 7
- Session 8
- Session 9
- Closing session

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